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In the field of beauty, the beauty industry has realized that “the appearance of a product is as important as the contents.” Indeed, in today’s consumer market economy. The information conveyed by the packaging texture forms a direct cognition of consumers. It conveys the concept of explaining the brand to consumers, carrying the common preferences of products and consumers. Spraying as one of the most basic coating processes on the surface of cosmetic packaging , its importance is self-evident. Therefore, fully understanding the principle and operation process of spraying can help us better design products.

Basic knowledge of spraying:

What is spraying?

Spraying refers to the spraying gun or dish atomizer, with the help of pressure or centrifugal force,dispersed into uniform and fine droplets, coated on the surface of the coating method. In the application of cosmetic packaging materials, including outer bottle spray, inner bottle spray,bottle/box body surface spray several treatment methods.

Spraying process flow:

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1. Pre-treatment process. In order to provide a good base suitable for painting requirements to ensure that the coating has good anti-corrosion properties and decorative properties, variousforeign bodies attached to the surface of the object must be treated before painting. The work done by this treatment is collectively referred to as pre-coating (surface) treatment. It is mainly to ensure that the surface of the product is clean, smooth, and free of oil, impurities or dust.
2. Spray primer. The primer is able to enhance the adhesion of the middle coat and top coat,while providing rust, corrosion and corrosion protection, ensuring that subsequent coats are stronger and more aesthetically pleasing.
3. Dry. After the primer is sprayed, the product needs to be dried. It can be dried naturally or mechanically. The specific time and temperature need to be determined according to the type of primer used.
4. Paint and spray. After drying the primer, then paint spraying, this step needs to be carried out according to the specific product needs and design requirements, to ensure that the color is uniform and full. In line with the product’s brand image and market positioning.
5. Inspection and packaging.After the completion of the painting process, the product also needs to be inspected to ensure that there are no defects and defects and that the product quality standards are met.

Advantages and effects of spraying

Spraying advantages:

Cosmetic shell surface spraying, can make the cosmetic bottle appearance looks very beautiful and beautiful, colorful color, to meet the aesthetic and purchase needs of consumers. At thesame time, it can also protect the cosmetic shell, so that it has high temperature resistance,friction resistance, ultraviolet resistance and other performance requirements in use.

Common effects of spraying:


Monochrome matte finish, two-color gradient matte finish, scrub, rubber paint, leather paint,laser pearlescent and other effects.

Testing methods for spray products

The detection method of spray products is the same as that of vacuum coating, which can be referred to in the previous report.
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