What is the R&D process for cosmetic packaging?

Packaging is a key component of brand products, it is the spokesperson of brand culture. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional and reliable supplier. The existing product types of a supplier may be able to solve your current needs, but based on the long-term development of the brand, choosing a supplier with research and development ability and strength can help the brand to solve the needs of future development.


If you want to develop your own beauty product, then Bmei Plastic will be your pretty choice. Shantou Bmei Plastic Co., Ltd. founded in 2014,which is a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer with independent mold development, product research and development capabilities, and deep cooperation with brand merchants. All products sold by our company are independently developed and designed, and currently have over 1000 sets of male molds. We also provide customers with exclusive private mold customization services, and the specific research and development process is as follows:



1. Draft Confirmation

First of all we have to determine the pattern and design of the sketch, this is generally provided by the customer. If the customer cannot provide it, we can draw the main structure diagram of the product according to the physical product or product size data provided by the customer. We will complete the sketch in 2-3 years and send it to the customer for confirmation.

2. Making mould technical drawing

After the customer confirms that the sketch is correct, we will draw 2D and 3D mold drawings within 2-3 days and send them to the customer for confirmation.

3. make the mock up

After the customer confirms that the mold drawing is correct, we will issue the plate and send it to the customer within 2-3 days. At the same time, we will confirm the material of each part with the customer, and then estimate the unit price of the product to the customer according to the materials used and the weight of the plate.

4. open the mould

The mold opening time is 35-45 days, and the previous 3-4 days is the mold testing stage, during which we will provide the sample to the customer. The remaining 30-40 days is the mold repair time, which is mainly to optimize and improve the mold structure.


Our company, with the business philosophy of “credit”, “cooperation” and “quality assurance” and the principle of small profits and quick turnover, won the majority of customers trust and support.We are looking forward to cooperating with the clients all over the world and welcome to have a visit of our factory. We hope can create brilliant future together.

Post time: Mar-30-2024